Come and visit us!

Douglas Chapel is conveniently located at 969 Smackover Highway (also known as a Highway 7) in El Dorado, Arkansas. From El Dorado - take Hwy 167-N, which merges into Hwy-7.

If you need transportation, please call us anytime Monday - Saturday at 870-862-6318. We will need your name and address. 

Why should I join a church?

Every converted person needs to become a church member. Conversion marks the beginning of a new life, which needs to grow and mature. Ideally, the church provides the new Christian with the environment he/she needs in order to develop his/her growing abilities. Moreover, Christians believe that church is the body of Christ. The church was set up to help believers to let them worship God together, to help them grow in grace and knowledge, and combine their efforts to serve the world and teach salvation through Jesus Christ. This universal church includes anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, and worships him as Lord: It is his “body” in the world.

What does worship services look like at DC?

We begin our worship services with period of a consecration period - a time to move "self" out of the way and focus on the whole being of God. Next, we are ushered into the presence of God through praise and worship music.  We bless God through the gift of giving, and open up our hearts to receive His Word.  After His message has been delivered, the "doors of the church" are open for those who have not received Christ and for those who may be in need of a church home. We end our worship experience with intercessory (altar) prayer, where we focus on the needs of our families, friends, the body of Christ, and nonbelievers.