Condensed Church History (1916 - 2006)

As record dictates, the Douglas Chapel Church was established in 1916. At that time a small group began to meet in the home of Reverend and Sister Douglas, who resided in the Douglas Addition and owned much property. The leader of the group was Reverend H.C. Cade of Camden, assisted by Reverend Shepherd Reed. Reverend Jewel Banks was placed in charge as the first pastor where he served until 1923. Land was located in the Douglas Addition and donated by Reverend and Sister Douglas in 1923.

Shortly thereafter, a building was erected and named in their honor, The Douglas Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. In 1923 Reverend W.H. Henderson was called to pastor. Reverend Brewster was elected pastor in 1928 and served until 1943. In 1943 Reverend John Isaac Thomas was called to pastor, but refused to serve. Rev W.M. Bryant of Camden was elected pastor and served until 1948. Again Reverend J.I. Thomas was called and accepted the call where he served for 28 years.

In 1956 a white lady (Ms White) had a building for sale. The building was purchased in August 1956 at a cost of $18,500 with a monthly note of $80.00. The building was a shell with a pine straw floor. The building was paid for within a year of the allotted time. In the mid 70's the church had a $24,000 physical face lift. It was transformed from a shell of a building to a more modern place of worship.

Upon the death of Rev. J.I. Thomas in 1975, Reverend D.D. Stafford served as interim pastor. In 1976 Reverend J. R. Staten was called to pastor, he served two years.

In March 1979 our present pastor, Reverend D. L. Hegler was called. Under his leadership, the projects began by Reverend J.I. Thomas and Reverend J.R. Staten were completed. The church grew physically, spiritually as well as financially.

In 1990 the church saw the need for another face lift, after prayerful examination, it was deemed unfeasible to remodel the current building. At that point, the decision was made to build a new church. A five year plan was approved. After months of searching and disappointments by the land search team headed by Deacon Ronald Murphy, the present property was purchased.

With $169,000 in its building fund, the church purchased 10 acres of land at a cost of $30,000 cash. Three acres were cleared and the present building was erected at a cost of $288,000. The membership held its first service in the building and Sister Emma Cummins, the oldest member of the church, cut the ribbon to officially open the new building and was the first to enter. Unfortunately, hers was the first funeral to be held also.




Purpose Driven Church

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In 2006, the blue prints for the Family Life Center were drawn up and introduced by our very own member, Sister Eleanor Phillips. The direction of the congregation was led to take part in the "40 DAYS OF PURPOSE" campaign. As a church family, seeing and desiring to meet the needs of others outside the walls of this sanctuary, "TAKING IT 2 THE STREETS" ministry was birthed in accordance to the Gospel of Matthew, along with several other ministries. We purchased a 30x50 tent for street ministry and sought bids for a metal roof. The Arkansas Highway Department purchased a portion of our land for construction of a four lane highway.

2007 theme was "Footsteps to Discipleship" (Putting on the whole armor of God). A mortgage burning ceremony was held as we saved $300,000 by paying off the note earlier than anticipated. Equipping the Saints workshop was held in March (including ministry fair) and September. As a church family we adopted Retta Brown Elementary School.

The theme for 2008 was, "Time 2 Use What You Got", which consisted of individuals utilizing their talents and life for the Honor of God. The year kicked-off with praying and fasting. We held the 1st "Back to School Youth Pray Rally" and 1st Annual Sunday School Banquet. In November we delivered Thanksgiving Dinner and food boxes and December found us on the road to Birmingham, Alabama. We also experienced roof damage during a storm and prepared fruit baskets for students at Retta Brown and all church members.

In 2009, our theme was, "Committed 2 Honoring God", which encompassed all three prior themes. The year began with a twenty-one day fast and The Douglas Church Family celebrated Pastor Hegler's 30th Pastoral Anniversary. The edifice renovations which included porticos on both the North and South side of the building, concrete parking lot, and installed metal roof, which will pave the way for the Family Life Center. All projects ($190,968.84) were paid for strictly from tithes and offering.

In 2010 we focused on "Reaching Out 2 the Lost". We provided food, clothing, and spiritual nourishment to local communities and those we came into contact with. We kickoff the year by hosting a block party for Haygood Neal Garden Apartments neighborhood, and has continued to provide assistance for their residents.

During 2011 and 2012, we focused on “Building from Within to Go OUT”. The church underwent numerous interior renovations, including: a glass balcony, remodeled walls, expanded choir, elevated drum and keyboard pits, new carpet and lighting in sanctuary, eight bathroom stalls, relocation of pastor’s study, and new furniture throughout the church. Sunday school and morning worship services were held in the multi-purpose room during renovations of sanctuary. The Douglas Chapel family fellowshipped with other local congregations during morning worship services.

In 2013, our theme “2 Love” was designed to promote an intimate spiritual relationship with God and others.

In 2014, we continue our journey of serving God by giving Him our temple (body), time, talents, and treasures.