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Becoming a member Of Douglas Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

 There are three (3) ways to become a member of Douglas Chapel Baptist Church.

1. Candidate For Baptism -One who has never accepted Christ expresses belief in Him, is willing to let Him only  rule his life,  and seeks repentance for past sins. Baptism by immersion symbolizes death to the old way of life and a resurrection to a new way of life in the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Any person who was a member of a non-Baptist Church and has never been baptized by immersion in water, after confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, is required to come as a candidate for baptism.

2. By Letter -One may join by letter. That is, he/she brings or requests a letter from the Baptist Church he/she is leaving. Then that person has to have a report of being in good standing and desires to change membership.


3. By Christian Experience - One may join by Christian Experience. That is, he/she has already confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior, has been baptized by immersion, and desires to move his/her membership to this Church.

What if I have been to church in a long period of time and/or feel that I have strayed?

 Restoration - Any member of our church who has strayed away from the Lord and assembly, and feels that they would like to re-commit his/her life to the Lord may come back by restoration.


The New Members Orientation Class will consist of seven (7) classes. Each class will be taught in an interactive and exciting fashion by Pastor Hegler in the sanctuary.

The purpose of this course is to ensure a smooth transition into this church family and its activities. Our hope is for you to grow in fellowship and grace. We want you to feel a part of this church and to use your gifts for the glory of God and the edification of this church. We truly believe your being here is by divine providence. The scriptures teach that God adds to the church as He sees fit. We believe you were placed here because you have what we need and we have what you need. For you and the church to reach its full potential, it is important that you go through this orientation course.